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Model: KS-516.1432
22.777,83 RSD
Bez PDV-a:18.981,53 RSD
Model: KS-516.4932
  Actuation accuracy: ±2 % tolerance of the set scale value Precise reading accuracy for a minimum 10.000 tightening cycles For controlled fastening in a clockwise direction Can untighten without any torque restraint thanks to the anticlockwise latch Double scale in N•..
45.375,60 RSD
Bez PDV-a:37.813,00 RSD
Model: KS-516.1472
34.563,60 RSD
Bez PDV-a:28.803,00 RSD
Model: KS-516.1105
12.316,31 RSD
Bez PDV-a:10.263,59 RSD
Model: KS-516.1412
22.027,22 RSD
Bez PDV-a:18.356,01 RSD
Model: KS-516.1632
24.694,88 RSD
Bez PDV-a:20.579,07 RSD
Model: KS-516.1422
22.027,22 RSD
Bez PDV-a:18.356,01 RSD
Model: KS-516.1106
16.936,37 RSD
Bez PDV-a:14.113,64 RSD
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